Rules and Policies


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Age Categories


Students may enter two age categories. First, the age category in which their age actually falls. Second, the age category directly below/younger than their actual. Juniors the age category directly above/older.

Pro/Am and Amateur Events & Age Categories

Pro/Am and Amateur Multi-Dance Championships are available in ALL of the age categories Excluding Triple Crown Scholarship Challenges, the following age categories apply:

PTA Under 6 PT2 10-11 B2 53-60
PBT 6-7 J1 12-13 B3 61-68
PTC 8-9 J2 14-15 C1 69-76
AA 16-28 YTH 16-18 C2 77-84
A1 16-28 A3 37-44 C3 85-92
A2 29-36 B1 45-52 D1 93 & Over

(* Note, ‘AA’ age category is only available to students whose actual age category is ‘A1’ – so that they may have an equal opportunity to dance in two age categories.)