Attending Vendors

Thank you in advance for the patronage shown to our vendors…

Iveta Lukosiute & Gherman Mustuc
(929) 429-9655


Advertising Description

Requirements Advertisements must be submitted as camera-read hardcopies or electronic (PDF) files. A full page advertisement is 8-1/2 in size (b/w) and has an associated fee of $250. A security deposit of $155 required and $500 towards 10% commission of sales. Also vendors are required to book their room reservations through our office and not directly to hotel. This helps us to fill our room block!!

Full Page Advertisement Vendors are required to place a full page advertisement (8-1/2 b/w) in the program. The advertisement must be a camera-ready hardcopy or electronic (PDF) file and of excellent quality. The fee for ad placement is $250.

Security Deposit Security will tentatively be provided from 11:00 PM to 8:30 AM Thursday, and Friday for a fee of $155.

The Advance Toward Revenues Ten percent (10%) of the vendor’s gross revenues earned as a result of being at the convention, will be due at the conclusion of the competition. A deposit of $500 against this revenue is required.